1. Register with Arise. On the first page when registering, enter 1883170 as the reference number. By doing this you may qualify for special referral incentives! When prompted to choose how you will use the platform, choose 'WORK FOR SOMEONE ELSE' and enter our Business ID of 564589.


2. You will receive an email once you have registered with Arise with links to fill out your ICA Agreement, W9 Form and Direct Deposit form. These forms must be completed before you can service a client. Once you complete your paperwork, you can enroll with a client!


  • Make sure you have a working computer that meets the requirements. You can find the Arise requirements in our Advice and Resources page. 

  •  Purchase a USB headset for your certification class. This plugs into your computer.

  • Have or prepare to have a land-line telephone with no features or a digital phone line through your cable or internet company. Purchase a headset for this phone. Not all clients require this, but some do. Ensure the requirements for your client before enrolling.


When you find the right client for you, you can enroll in the certification course! Most courses are Monday-Friday and have different time slots. Length of class varies. You must attend each day of training. Ensure all pre-work is done in the Arise portal before class starts. You will access your class in the Arise portal! Under the client name, there will be a Virtual Classroom button to access class.


In order to partner with Caring Solutions and be given the opportunity to provide your services to clients, you must complete the following which is considered your investment into your own business. 

1. Arise Background Check (9.99)

2. Certification Course for the client you choose. Starts at FREE up to $289. 

These fees are paid to Arise Virtual Solutions, not Caring Solutions LLC.


Arise Platform Usage Fee - $19.75 per pay period  (Paid directly to Arise)

Caring Solutions Admin Fee - $25 Per pay period 

*you will not pay fees if you did not servicing during an invoice period*

Most asked question: Why do I have to pay fees: Caring Solutions is a Small Business and we are able to continue to operate and hire those looking for / needing a work-from-home opportunity, based off the small fee we charge. Caring Solutions has to cover business costs including Partner fee's, computers, bank fee's and more. Our low, flat service fee allows us to provide you with support during your certification and beyond. We want you to succeed!

Most active IBO's charge between $30.00 to $50.00 per invoice period twice a month, which totals  up to $200 a month. Some even take 1 cent per minute on top of those fees. Other IBO'S take 5%, 10%, 15% of the partnership income which can mean $50.00-$130.00 a month. We are confident we offer great IBO Support fees, express payments, and CSP support and information.